It smells like poop over here
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2003-11-28 00:06:33 (UTC)

i gotta go...

the christmsas tree's on fire." just one of the many great
lines from "Better off Dead". john cusack is the shit.
im just chillin at ye olde apartmento on danksgiving.
mike and sasha went to his parents house. nick, greg,
lauren m, colin, my lauren, sasha, rich, treusch, jeff and
jenna all came over yesterday for some beers. rich and
nick are dropping by later, but i gotta past out early,
cause i gots to work at 5:30 in the morning.
jim, our downstairs neighbor, gave me a dank nugget for
the giving of thanks. but i woke up with a nasty ass sore
throat, coughing up phlem and not being able to breathe
through my sniffer, so ill probably smoke it later im not
gonna tell mike about it, he'll use all of it and not
actually smoke it or give it away. he's got this ego about
getting fucked up. like yesterday, i drank like 7 beers
and i have damn good healthy buzz going on. one or two
more and i woulda been trashed. some time later i
said, "dude, remember back in the day when you couldn't
even put away a six pack?" and he says "yeah, i drank a
six pack tonight and i got nothing." bullshit, his skinny
little ass. he probably had two or three and got pretty
buzzed. he rarely drinks and when he does, he doesnt'
drink enough to get trashed. he practically never smoked
pot and he says he smoked both those nuggets jim gave us
before, then it turns out he "smoked" the one and "sold"
the other one, but hasn't gotten paid for it yet. whatever.
speaking of jims, my uncle jim called me earlier and
left me a message saying he had a question for me. it
wasn't about where i was, why i wasn't with my family one
thanksgiving or what i was up to. he made a bet with my
aunt nancy whether or not they still sold black and white
tvs. we sell one at circuit city and that settled the bet.
fuck family, they don't like me anyway.
me and lauren are doing good though. no problems in the
past few weeks. well, yesterday she got made when i
played "closer" by nine inch nails and said the first few
lines were about her. "you let me violate you...you let me
penetrate you." just a joke gone wrong.
im gonna eat some chips and salsa, drink some kool-aid
and watch nightmare before christmas. PEACE