malenky devotchka

Bella Morte
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2003-11-27 23:16:57 (UTC)

thanks for...

its thanksgiving day, and i am totally exhausted. i was up

until two this morning making pies. this is the firt time i

ever made pumpki pie and i screwed the first one up by

forgetting the milk, so i had to do it over again. i made a

total of four punpkin pies and one apple pie. they look

really pretty. i just finished making the mashed potatoes

and the ham is still in the oven, and boy, i guess i am

thankful right now for soft beds, beacuse as soon as i get

off of here i am going straight to one.

as a little girl (not that i've grown very much), i used to

thanksgiving was never a big thing for me, but now i feel a

lot stronger about it, maybe because we've grown so far
apart in the last two and a half years since "it"
happened... i'm not sure, i just know that something is
missing and i can't pinpoint what it is... maybe its-

this is quickly becoing sappy.

on another note, last night the stars were shining so
brightly, our streetlight went out so i could really see
the satrs. i climbed o top of the garage at around one and
sat there just drinking in the night sky.