2003-11-27 20:38:28 (UTC)

blah de blah de blah

I love it here. I think I should move here. My aunt
really wants us to live with her. I love these kids so
much. I was thinking, its so nice to be here with four
people who love me so much no matter what, unconditionally,
and arent afraid to show it.
I dont really want to be with him at all anymore. I had so
much time thinking on the way here, I love driving through
those mountains at night it's so beautiful... and I thought
a lot. And I think I thought of a way to help me resolve
some things with myself, and I reflected and "revelled and
reckoned" and shit.
Its supposed to snow tomorrow. We've had fun so far, we
just have been hanging out, we went to the kid's school
yesterday and had lunch with them and surprised them
because they didnt think we'd be here yet, I thought they
might be embarrassed but when Madi saw us she ran up and
gave me the biggest hug and she was so excited and we saw
Cole's little "girlfriend" which was the cutest thing
ever... and then we watched movies and snuggled and had
Jello shots and margaritas and Im just happy here. I think
I need to move here when Im done at Valencia. I'll finish
up at IU. I think I just need to be here when Madison goes
to middle school and high school and just be with them.
Im going to take a nap before my other cousin gets here for
dinner with slut-of-the-month.