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2003-11-27 14:19:38 (UTC)

Thanksgiving Day

Here we are, it's Thanksgiving Day! I guess you could say
that the hubby and I have made up. He came to the doctor's
appointment yesterday and even offered to take my son off
of my hands for awhile yesterday after he got off of work
if I wanted and/or needed him to. The way things work with
us is that we get upset about something like that and we
blow up or come close to it, then we sleep on it or go our
separate ways for the day and when we come back together,
it's all better. Like this morning, they are off to the
store and breakfast together while I have the house to
myself for a little bit to get ready for the day. It was
even cute this morning when I teased my son about the fact
that I am the Mommy and I wanted to see him, not him paying
attention to the dog! He told me, yeah, you're the Mom,
Don's the Dad, and Squirt's the puppy. I told him, yes,
Don is kinda like the Dad isn't he, and he says yes, he's
the Dad.
No new news with the doctor's appointment yesterday, the
baby was sleeping (I guess) and the heart rate was 140.
The last 2 visits it has been 155 and 157. We go back
again in two weeks for another appointment. Oh, and I got
my flu shot, yippee!
I talked to my mother-in-law yesterday and am worried about
the amount of money that she is spending and how much she
has been working. She's had a hip replacement and then a
quadruple bypass all within the last 18 months! Then she
tells me that she worked five nine-hour days this past
week! That's too much for her right now!! Not only that,
I know that she is not exactly well off or anything and
doesn't make much money, and she tells me that she has
three or four boxes of stuff to send us. Such as a box of
towels (to replace ours), clothes and toys for Tyler, baby
stuff, and sheets for us. Admittedly some of this stuff is
for Christmas, but she is also sending us two checks, one
for the Infant Carrier (Car Seat)/Stroller set and the
other is for a portion of my husband's major Christmas
gift. He wants a roto-tiller and of course I can't afford
it on my own, so I asked that his sisters and mom split it
with me. What he (and I) didn't know is that the Home
Depot gift card that he received last year for Christmas
was not from his Mom, but from the sister that he doesn't
get along with. So his Mom is going to suggest that she
give him the same thing this year, and that would take
another portion off of the gift for him. I need to go
price them and pick out the one that I am going to get for
him so that when he returns from Pennsylvania, it's all
taken care of and sitting here waiting for him.
My husband and I also talked about Christmas this morning
for my son. I have been getting him little things here and
there for awhile, and I was struggling to figure out a
major gift for him. Well, he wants this Rescue Hero
Command Center item, and that could work as his major
gift. What he also wants is Thomas the Tank Engine stuff,
and we kept thinking that he would outgrow that by now. So
it's either the Thomas stuff or the Rescue Hero item. In
years past, we've gotten him Thomas and his Dad has gotten
him Rescue Heroes. So, I call him to see if he's going to
get it for him, and he tells me that he is going to get him
clothes, not toys, this year because he seems to be
outgrowing his clothes (news flash---been telling you that
for months!) and that they were tired of buying him toys
that he wasn't playing with. So my husband and I talked
about it and he wanted to know how much have I spent so far
on Tyler for Christmas and what is my limit for him. I
told him I didn't know. He's asking me if the limit is
$1000 or $500. I'm like, are you crazy? He says, just
remember, whatever you do, you have to do more the next
year, not less, and not only that, you have to double it
next year for the two kids! My God, does he like to spoil
these kids!
I know my son and we can buy him all that he has asked for,
and he'll pick out some $5 or $10 item and be perfectly
content. So I was thinking that one major gift (meaning
$50-75) and whatever little gifts would be sufficient for
him, nothing over the top. Besides, he's got another
family involved this year with him and we are putting stuff
back for him for times when the baby gets a gift and he
needs something of his own to have. Not only that, he's
getting major gifts from other parts of the family, for
example, he's getting the new Leapster from his Uncle James
(my brother). Last year he bought him the Leap Frog and he
figured that it only made sense that he be the one to
update it. That alone is $80 and each cartridge is $25.
My Mom has bought one already and so have I. My mother-in-
law has bought him two new books for his Leap Frog from
last year too. Needless to say, he will be well covered
this year, I don't think that we need to spend a whole hell
of a lot of money on him necessarily and not only that, he
doesn't know the difference anyway!
It's like I told my husband this morning, 2-3 years ago,
the limit was $100 for Christmas, total! And that was only
because I cried to his Dad that I had not a penny to spend
on him for Christmas, and I had neglected to sign up for
assistance for the holidays, thinking that I could handle
it. So he gave me $100 and that's how I did his Christmas
that year.
Well, things have changed now and I guess I had better
run! Later!

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