a watercolour stain
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2003-11-26 16:23:18 (UTC)

michael finnigan begin again

it has seriously been a very long time. whoo.
everything's changed. well, not everything. i am no
longer with I. and no longer alone up north. we moved
back home. (me to my parents him to his.) and then he
found god, so we fought and then split. then he
practically stalked me for a good long while. i think
religion made him crazy. something sure did.

soo, now i have a job, a car, i'm going to college, i have
a wonderful boyfriend, and i am living in a big 'ol house
with 2 roommates. (kimmie, of course, and another girl,
rachel.) i have accomplished a good deal of stuff.

i am still addicted to bubblegum and lipgloss. i still
smoke. i'm still big into music. but i wear my hair long
and curly now.

~V stardust