2003-11-26 06:45:30 (UTC)

Dream Fragments

I didn't sleep well last night. I had disturbing dreams
which woke me and then I'd fall asleep and dream of more odd
and strange things and wake again. I gave up trying to
sleep at
3 a.m. and made myself a cup of coffee and read the
newspaper. Then I finished the book I'd just started, The
Murder Stone by Charles Todd. It isn't one of his Inspector
Ian Rutledge series but it's very, very good. I liked it
much better than Ruth Rendell's Babes in the Woods which I
just finished.

I went to Albany this morning to finish my shopping and
spent most of the rest of the day cleaning out the pantry
and cupboards. I decided I wanted to do a thorough cleaning
in the kitchen before beginning Christmas baking in earnest.

Choir practice this evening was lovely. We sang a nice mix
of old and new Christmas carols. Linda offered to give me
piano lessons. Margaret is over 80 now and has trouble
following which hymns we're doing on Sunday and Linda lives
30 miles away and isn't always there to substitute so they
really need someone else. This will probably start in January.

I also called Owen and Gavin. John will pick up Owen
tomorrow afternoon and Jessica will bring Gavin home about
10 p.m. after he gets off work so this year I'll have four
boys home.