moe liljew

Could He be for me?
2003-11-26 04:52:23 (UTC)

Almost turkey time

Super dooper... a year has passed...whooopi! *note: im
being sarcasic* Well its the day of the large dead bird,
nice lets eat and then feel as though something has been
accomplished. school is done in 2 weeks, start a new job
friday... super.
ummm what else... almost hit a dog today... slid on the ice
trying to stop while a yellow lab continued to lick the ice
in the middle of the street. The lab was not concerned with
the impending doom while i was sliding to a stop that i
didnt think i could make the dog just stayed there lickin
the cold street and i ended up three feet from him
completly turned sideways, and even then the dog did not
move. damn thing!
well im gonna continue my studies

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