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2003-11-25 15:59:34 (UTC)

My Week....Weekend

Ya so the past few days have been interesting..on friday
me and erin made snowflakes for work..i love workin there
cuz laurens mom geryl is like our boss and she is the shit
and we never do nething but listen to music or play
backgammon..rob does all the work lol, but hes not gonna
be here next semester :( that nite me cheryl erin drea
and chrissy went to see the cat in the hat...umm ya it
really was like watching someone have a boring
conversation with no point...then i slept over chrissy and
drea's room cuz i dunno they were actually both there
which is like a once in a lifetime thing lol...kelly got
kinda pissed but whatever oh and we watched the santa
clause 2!! kick ass movie..then the next day we went to
king of prussia mall by was pretty big but i
dunno i hated that all the good stores were spread out..u
had to walk like a mile between abercrombie and steve
madden lol..which is where i bought more shoes..i didnt
spend a lot cuz i dont have ne money but i spent ya it was fun chrissys two friends came and i
hung out wit them cuz i knew if i went wit lauren and all
i would feel left out and get ya we came bak that
nite and drea wanted us to meet her friend tommy..we wound
up sleepin in his room in shawnee lol which is very dirty
and now he likes chrissy but shes been datin joe (who
doesnt like me) for 3 years!! so now its this whole big
thing lol..then sunday we went to the flea market to get
cheryl b something for her sis and then i veged the rest
of the day..monday i slept a lot cuz i onlee had one class
and then me chrissy drea cheryl and bryan had thanksgiving
pie!!! me and chrissy had pumpkin but cheryl had some now its tues and i get to go home todaY!! i am
soooo excited to see every1 but i gotta run and help
chrisst wit her stuff...

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