Ramblings of a Mom
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2003-11-25 15:28:43 (UTC)

Almost Thanksgiving...

Well, yesterday was a busy, exciting day! My son went to
the dentist for the first time ever, and then he got two
shots (flu and Hepatitis A) before he ever got to school
yesterday. After all of the worry about what we would find
when he went to the dentist since he has NEVER gone before,
it turned out perfect! It seems that his molars have come
in with a rather smooth surface, so he won't even need
sealants on them! He will probably lose his top two front
teeth just before or after Christmas, there is no root left
on his baby teeth there and he has two perfect permanent
teeth right behind them, pushing them out. He has no
decay, no nothing! I was pleasantly surprised!
The bill was $164 without insurance (the insurance we have
is a discount plan and the dentist didn't accept it). I
paid half yesterday and a post-dated check for the balance
for a week from now. However, when I called his Dad to let
him know (since he is supposed to pay 1/2 of the medical
bills), he kind of balked on it, but what else is new. I
guess I will just have to add this to the case that is
pending against him. Then this morning he asked about his
school pictures and I told him that I wanted money for them
before I gave them to him, we'll see how that goes as
well. Hell, I even offered for him to take him for
Thanksgiving or for Thanksgiving weekend, and he acted like
he couldn't be bothered. Oh well, it's his right according
to the divorce decree, he's supposed to have him from
tonight through Sunday for Thanksgiving this year. Then
when we talked about Christmas, he just says that maybe if
he gets off of work early on Christmas Eve, he'll take him
for a couple of hours just to spend time with him. I told
him that I have been around him long enough (almost 10
years) to know that his family celebrates Christmas on
Christmas Eve, so I never plan anything at that time, just
so that he can be with his Dad. All I ask is for Christmas
morning/Day. But once again, whatever!
On a positive note, my son is just an amazing little man.
Yes, it took 2 nurses and myself to get him restrained to
take the shots, but he's still an amazing little guy! He
has gotten into this thing lately of telling me that he is
going to marry me when he grows up. Then yesterday when we
were in a restroom, he told me that there were lots of guys
that wanted to marry me, they were strangers, but that they
loved me. I am not sure why he is so worried about his Mom
being married, but he apparently is.
Starting this afternoon, I'm meeting him at school for a
Thanksgiving function and then he will be with us from then
until Monday when he goes back to school. The only sad
thing is that Saturday and Sunday my husband and I have to
work downtown at the Victorian Christmas function, so he
will just have to tag along just like he did at the last
Pecan Street Arts Festival. My husband gets off of work at
2 pm tomorrow and doesn't go back to work until Monday as
well, so it will be a test for us to all be together for
this period of time! I guess I better run, I've got
several things to do today before I go get little man. I'm
making some more homemade cookies for my husband, cleaning
house, etc. Tomorrow will be kind of crunched to do that
kind of stuff since I have a doctor's appointment in the
morning and then I'll take my son to see my grandparents
before we come home.
So, off we go, to another day! Later!