Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
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2003-11-25 07:00:15 (UTC)

Antidotal Toxicity(ness)

Bored, and dead tired. Tanksgiving is coming up, and we
got enough food to feed a few people, but not enough for an
army, however. But, the One ring continues to haunt me in
my dreams, as I lust for its power to control all those who
would defy my authority. It calls me, it beckons me, it
wants me to possess it. I am only a mere mortal, though,
and can only resist its call for so long. My ever faithful
companions, call them snake, and bearded one, could only
accompany me in my quest for so long. Man, and his
ridiculous mustache, tempts me with stored treasures, but i
am unwilling to succumb to the pleasures of ownership, and
also to let it be known how I secretly covet such inane
objects as a few bits and bytes. Light comes into day, and
day into night. Darkness falls, and lets its creatures out
to play, and prey. I only cast a cursory glance, before I
direct my attention somewhere else. Snow falls, and melts
in the palm of my hands. A child cries somewhere in the
cold lonely tombs of time. Light turns into day, day into
night. The stars wheel above, the moon shines, the wind
blows. In space, particles are in motion, fulfulling their
predestined fates. A table matters, an explosion doesn't.
Electromagnetic energy invades my soul. I want to crush
the aliens...

Got up kinda late today, and only had enough time to lather
and rinse off dirt and oil before attending class.

Ahzrarn, Legolas, Gimli, Raven, Lady, Dominator... There is
a war going on somewhere, and I am not near it. I had been
entrenched within into my visions of such happenings as
death and dismemberment, vile bloodletting, unhappy
occurrences. You became the face to all of humanity's past
sufferings. You, and a million others.