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2003-11-25 01:57:52 (UTC)


I went and watched a movie with my roomies tonight...elf.
It was cool. SO much fun. I enjoyed it very much. I
might go out and play soccer tonight....but I just ate
pizza so I don't know. Just sitting my punk
outfit....sean's actually...just waiting for him to call
me. I miss him so much. I talked to Don last
was fun. I was up till 5 again. I can't seem to get to
sleep any sucks. SO tonight I'm going to bed
at 3 latest...we'll see if I can do it. Please let me be
able to. I so just want to get a good night's sleep. I
need it. I have to pay my bills off for school, but I
wanna go shopping on Weds. So I probably will. I want to
buy some clothes. SO need something new and full of
life. I just need a change. At least that's what I
think. Well I think that's all for I'll sign
off. Byes.