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2003-11-24 22:20:50 (UTC)

Just Another Day

Just thought I would write an entry today. I got a
wonderful response from a person who read my last entry. I
was pleased to know that people are reading my diary. It
made me feel good.

Today has been interesting. I got up 10 minutes late which
set the tone for the day. I went to the espresso stand like
usual and guess what happened? I had just paid when the
power went out. I stuck around for a little while, but
ended up leaving. Chandra (my mocha girl) gave me a coupon
for a free drink since I had paid and not gotten anything.

I went back to my room and decided to get crazy. I sat down
and opened a book to read for fun. It's The Divine Secrets
of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. I have not read it before and I
did not go see the movie. I have however read the book
Rebecca Wells wrote before it called Little Altars
Everywhere. It takes place before The Divine Secrets. I
loved the first book so much I had to buy the second one to
read. When I finish it I'll go see if the movie was any good.

So my day started off unusual. After a while the power came
back on. I talked with John and Dave for a little bit
before going out to get my mocha.

I came back with my mocha and worked a little on one of my
websites. Then I headed to class. Turned out that Dr.
Folkestead canceled class. I heard his Mother is sick, but
I don't know for sure. So instead of class I looked at the
slides in the case. Our next test is a week from Thursday.
I'm sure that will be the final. At least I hope it is!

I sat and talked with a couple other people from class. It
was nice to just chat with people. Chris walked by. At
least I'm pretty sure it was him. All I saw was orange hair
and glasses peeking out from under some sort of hat. Oh
well, I really don't care if it was him.

After chatting a few more minutes I headed back to my room.
I've been sitting here for a while now. I decided to post
the short story I wrote in here the other day. I'll put it
up on my website. The site is
That is where i'm going to put all my random short stories
up. It also has all my other odd stuff. Check it out if
you want. Most of it is still in progress.

I'm busy turning 4 sites into that one. I got tired of
having so many sites that were small. So I have made them
into one large one.

I should be working on my website for class. I don't know
what all Jessica did on it over the weekend. We are
supposed to have another few pages done. I hope she got
some more information typed up at least. She did say she
would try to work on it on Friday.

I talked to Dave a little this morning. He seems to be
doing ok. Well, as good as can be expected right now. I
won't go into detail because it's a major secret I'm keeping
for him, but there are some big changes happening in his
life right now.

I did break down and tell my parents. Just so I wouldn't go
crazy. I also discussed it a little with God. God and I
are working a few things out. He did good by me with the
current Dave thing. I'm still frustrated at him though. Oh
well, in time things will change I guess. Everything is in
God's master plan and I have to accept that.

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