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2003-11-24 09:55:50 (UTC)

back again

dear tyles,
hey it's much has happened. three years almost
have past. Biggest announcement.....peps can no more call
me cherry. Hehehe. I met a great guy...sean...he's a
sweetheart...and I love him. We've been dating for four
months...moving back to be with him. I've been away for
soooo long. i need that life back. but part of me misses
my innocence. i want that cuteness back again. i want to
be me. my family has discarded me and i feel all alone.
i miss my sisters and parents too. i wish
they would just let the whole thing play out the way it's
meant to be. i love sean and theyll just have to bare
it. i am so alone at school right now, wish more than
anything to be home. just three more weeks. so excited.
my friend out here going to move down to
the big C with me....she's her tons. partied
tonight...danced like a maniac....loved every minute. gtg
bed time...need to actually go to classes
to you soon i hope...lots of love. hugs and kisses.


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