Wanna Hear About my Day?
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2003-11-24 02:30:06 (UTC)

I'm shaped like a black woman???

Haha. Last night I was supposed to go to whitemarsh but
cocoa's mom took us to Towson. I'm glad she did tohugh cuz I
had alot of fun. Alot of people thought we were fucked up.
This one hot guy Tyler was like are you intoxicated? I
wish Anyways I saw mr h my 8th grade teacher and he asked
is i was behaving myself. great, now my old teacher thinks
im fucked up. Later we were sitting in the middle of the
sidewlak outside towson commmons and these missionaries cmae
up and wanted ot convert us . It was so funny but
frustrating. I finally got them away by saying " dude we
believe wut you believe' and the lady was all god loves you
and went to pray on another group of people. ohh the
blackwoman things haha. We were walking to Barnes and noble
to be inside and watch the people walk by and we were
crossing the street when this guy goes "damn u shaped like a
blakc woman" I was cracking up. ugh there were so many hot
guys there. omg there was soooo many! Well i gtg chyll at

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