2003-11-23 23:31:19 (UTC)

Getting Through the List

I was able to cross off making the napkins for the Christmas
baskets today. I did find some problems with my sewing
machine. It worked fine but there's a broken piece which is
still there but fragile and needs to be replaced. I want to
bring it into Corvallis tomorrow to get it repaired and
while it's there, have it cleaned too.

I haven't done any baking because I'm almost out of eggs and
so five dozen eggs is on my Costco list. So is vegetable
oil, confectioner's sugar, evaporated milk, canned pumpkin,
butter and whipped cream.

The other reason I haven't done any baking is because I have
two boys at home and the other two will be home on Wednesday
for the Thanksgiving week-end and John has taken the week
off so that means everyone will be home and hungry. I think
I'll have to make enough cookies so there are some for them
to eat and that way they'll keep out of the ones I'm making
for the Christmas bazaar and the Christmas baskets. I hope!

Besides that, everything is quiet. I see sheep in the
fields now, the winter rains have finally come and most of
the trees are bare, stripped of their leaves by wild gusts
of winds and the cats have decided that inside is better
than outside.