Nick's Journal
2003-11-23 17:43:26 (UTC)

Cigarettes are really bad for you

sweet god do they enganger my health! see it's just
really too much of a hassle to msoke a cigarette because
i'm such a fucking putz. for example, there i am smoking
a cigarette at my desk. i don't have an ash tray so the
plastic bowl sitting next to me has to substitute. well i
have to put the fucking cig down so i put it down in the
bowl, so that it could promptly burn right through the
plastic. to my chagrin i see the plastic liquid at the
end of my cig, so i attempt to tear that part off. being
the brilliant college student that i am, i grabbed the lit
part, and tear. screaming i pain i let it fall on my
international finace book, where it proceeds to get busy
with the paper. after putting a nice burn into example
10.2 i decide to actually smoke it. after a while i
notice that there's too much ash on it, try to make it to
the bowl again, but just drop it on my fucking mouse pad.

i love thanksgiving breeak.. i seriously do, it's the best
damn thing to happen to man, but do you know what ir eally
love? the freshmen going back home for their first break
back since they left. the parents all there helping them
throw their stuff back in the car, trying not to look too
much like they've realized how much they've missed their
child. the eagerness of these moments are just the kind
that make me feel great to be alive. the parents and
freshmen with their mock haste and frivolous critic of
each other all there just to cover up how thye feel. "why
are you putting my computer there!" can be translated
into "i can't believe i'm so fucking happy to go home.
the corresponding "why don't you do it yourself then." can
be translated into, "oh god i've missed you so much." the
light-hearted bickering is pervaded by the huge smile that
accompanies it.
it's just that during this time of year everybody is so
fucking happy! i love it and i know that's really gay,
but i mean it's just those few days up till you leave for
thanksgiving are incredible. just seeing people in a
purposeful worry to get somewhere, to do something, to
anticipate someone, alongside of the great smell of
autumn, and crazy blue skies carressed by the softly brisk
november wind. the unseasonably warm weather broken in
half as an icy november chill runs through your body.