Book of Suicide
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2003-11-23 03:50:16 (UTC)


to die is graceful and complete
nothing can stand between love
free flowing as desires bind
no pain to slash a world
a world with a weak stitch
amends to the dead in screams
dropped stitches fall
lost in a sea of others before
crying to a deaf man
speaking as a mute
showing a blind man what cannot be

lullabies fade to a stream
glazing a world of tears
freezing them in time
forgotten as a picture
as the colors bleed a note
glaring resentment of souls
never to return as once was
a blank page stained with words
erased with a blade
licked with a passionate grimace

rays of shadows burn music
tightening a serenity to behold
into an eye turned aside
avoiding a beat of glow
melting to a flare
grazing a world of barren birth
smoke unfurling to a scene
dying in a shadow of light
whispering forgotten life
dripping with a face
crying behind a veil