Down Azz Queen
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2003-11-23 00:30:20 (UTC)

Laughing as i look back on my life

Have u ever took the time to reminice about old times
wheather it be bad or good? Have u ever found an old letter
that u wrote to ur friend or ex? Have u ever found
something that made u say wow i was so imature back
then..Have u ever looked at something and see how much u
grown! Its crazy.....

well Eric is out of my life for real for real! He
had done to many things that i told him i would leave him
for and then he tried to act as if I was the reason me and
him broke up! wow he got some balls! ...Anyways..Me an Hi-
May broke up but he's kinda like my best friend...I must
admit i still do have feelings for him I mean he had taught
me so much but i relize that being friends is good
enough...I met this Guy Justin...Let me tell u.....Full
blood dominican!...Light skin, perfect height, thickness in
all da right places...He is hilurous..Personailty out of
this world...and the best thing of all he makes me feel so
good inside and out! Sounds to good to be true right!
well...Its true! ahhh I think i'm in love..lol nah not yet!
but hopeing all goes well! anyways This christmas will be
the first with out my sister...I miss her big
head...Atleast she wont be alone for christmas though..Last
minute they stationed my brother in Germany for 4 months(
thats where my sis is) so they will be together only my
brother will miss his sons first birthday! that suxs! and i
wish i was there to be with my Newphew on his first
birthday but since he is in Jersey and i am in FL dont
think that will happen....Although i was supposed to be
going to NewYork for christmas but seeing how there is so
much drama up there and my Mother just got back from D.R
from having surgery then i dont think that i will be making
that trip..Oh how i miss NewYork..anyways found out that my
friend is having a Baby boy shes due in Jan. so i wish the
best for her..and my sweet friend Dida just had her
Babygirl! and shes so cute! My Newphew is turning 1 years
old in Dec. ahhh how they grow so fast! It makes u think
how fast the days go by! Live it up! well i will holla at
ya'll later ...take care! and be safe!

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