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2003-11-22 19:41:15 (UTC)

hey there lonely girl...

you seem so lost.. each time you pass my way, oh how I long
to take your hand, and say don't cry, i'll kiss your tears
away...once you're in my arms you'll see, no one can kiss
your lips the way I will...
hey lonely girl, my only girl

well. todays going fast. only two more days and then it'll
be the day we're leaving!! it's actually like 4 days, but
i prefer to think of it that way. 2 days between today and
the day we leave.

he's such a fucking asshole. i got real mad at him again.
and i was yelling and i stopped a minute and he was
like "are you done" and i was like "depends on what you
mean by 'done'".

but i made breakfast for my mom=) i made french toast and
bloody marys lol. and i cleaned my car SO good it's cleaner
than like when i got it, i even vacuumed and cleaned out
the trunk!!! and i found three books i never finished and
i'm guna take them on vacation im excited.

maybe we'll stop in atlanta and see dawn. i thought it was
silly when she said it cus it'll be 3-4 in the morning but
who cares i havent seen her in forever and my mom'll be
sleeping anyway. i might do that, that would be exciting.

im guna go to old navy and buy a couple things like panties
and socks and maybe a sweater and then im guna write my
paper. i dont think im even going to see him tonight. i
dont really feel like it right now. i have enough to do i
dont care.


yeah fuck him we had a big big fight. he yelled at me cus
i wasnt paying attention to him and i snapped and i told
him hes going to have a very lonely christmas since im the
only person who gave a shit enough to buy him anything for
his birthday his family didnt even or so he says and i told
him i dont even care anymore and hes like what do you want
to do and i said i want to be with someone who doesnt make
me feel like an idiot or like a bitch and who treats me
nice and can express themself and make me happy and hes
like "good luck finding him" and i said "you mean HER" and
i ended up hanging up on him. i just dont even care. plus
i had so much fun with my mom today. we spent like all day
together, i almost kicked some black girls ass because she
was rude to my mom she was like "EXCUSE ME, what LINE are
you in" cus we were just waiting for the next one to open
and my mom said "whichever one opens first" and she
said "EXCUSE YOU" and pushed her cart past us and hit my
moms foot on it and my mom was like "she just rammed me!"
and i said "SHES guna get rammed in 10 seconds" and she
said "Excuse me?" (The only two words she knows in
English) and i said "DONT do it again" and then i cut her
off in her line and that one was done first so my mom came
and we went first. i was SO mad i was almost shaking like
when i get really really angry.

but other than that. i saw a kinda cute girl in old navy.
she had a "lip" piercing (like carolines) and black sparkly
eyeliner. haha ive been wearing one of the earrings i
broke to wear flipped up on my lip all day to see if i
really like it and i do. im doing it as soon as i get
home. but i bought pants and a sweater and panties and a
really big soft robe and we sunned our buns hehehe and then
we got chinese food and a whole bunch of alcohol and came
home and took shots and we made jello shots and i have sour
apple schnapps and cranberry smirnoff and pineapple rum and
vanilla rum and raspberry vodka and im a happy girl. i
havent gotten drunk with my mom since halloween. i dont
need his dumb ass. im going to indiana to do the snuggle
train and soon my girl will leave that dumb ho and
everything will be all good.

and i dont need the fallout of all the past that's in
between us, and i want to get free, talk to me, i can feel
you falling.. and i want to be all you need...

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