Ramblings of a Mom
2003-11-22 12:57:59 (UTC)


Well, it's Saturday, and it's just another normal day in
our house. My husband is off to work, my son is with his
father, and I have 45 minutes before I have to leave to go
meet my parents for our Saturday morning breakfast date.
We, as usual, fell asleep before 8:30/9 last night and were
awake by 5:40 this morning. I was kinda surprised that I
was awake by then because I woke up in the middle of the
night with heartburn from hell that was making me queasy.
Ate a couple of Rolaids, went back to sleep, and woke up to
an acid burp that was really quite nasty!
Oh hell, enough about nasty stuff, lol. Yesterday was my
baby brother's birthday, he turned 23. Now if we could
just see that he makes the right decision about this girl
he is wavering about marrying in less than 3 months!
Today is my step-son's birthday. He is 19 years old. I
feel for his Dad, knowing that he has not spoken to him or
seen him in quite a while (over 2 years, at least). The
good thing is that he has a second chance to do it right by
his second son, and he has him with him this weekend. We
haven't talked about any kind of arrangement for
Thanksgiving, he hasn't brought it up and neither have I.
My husband told me last night not to wait for him to bring
it up, just volunteer for him to take his son for some
visitation time during the holidays. I know he's right, I
just wish that his father would do some volunteering
without being prodded about it.
We also talked about something that has been on my mind for
a good little while. My husband always makes it a point to
let me and or my son know that he has a Dad, and that it's
not my husband. But yet, after his "dad" and I worked with
our son for months on tying his shoes, my husband taught
him how to tie them in less than 15 minutes. Tyler went to
school this past week and told his friends that if you
don't know how to tie your shoes, it's okay. Just ask your
Mom or Dad to show you how. It is beginning to show that
my son understands that he has 2 Dads, and that he calls
one by his name and the other one Dad. This does not in
any way affect the way he feels about one or the other,
it's just what he has come to know on his own. I wanted my
husband to know that my son thinks of this way, that it's
not a bad thing, and in no way is he taking the place of
his father, it's just the relationship that he and my son
has. My husband, being the wonderful man that he is, told
me that he knew that. That he has taken in my son as his
own, whole-heartedly. That as far as he is concerned, it
is his son. I knew this, but it's just nice to see and
hear it said with him looking me directly in the eyes while
he does it.
On that note, I better run, so that I can be out the door
on time....Later!

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