Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2003-11-22 09:11:25 (UTC)

Oh, And If You Didn't Believe Me.

Look at how uncomfortable I was. Look at all the "...."s
and all the changing of topics. That was tough.

Not as tough as the fact I want to try and follow a course
from the University of Austin - not strictly, I've got the
course notes downloaded, I'll read the books, watch the
films and then take a stab at the assignments.

Its about the American Road and its rhetoric. Its
something I've got a very real interest in. Something I've
noticed about the power of the journey being elevated in
American culture.

(No this isn't a desperate plea....a "Don't think I'm a
pervert, I can think too". Don't all the best? - I was
just looking for a book yesterday and stumbled across it
and thought "YES! I want to do this" So I am)

So there you go. If you see me, ask. I'm not some kind of
expert, but I have an interest.

WILT? Arms Of Love, R.E.M.