Marco Jacksonovic

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2003-11-22 09:07:18 (UTC)

I've Been Scared Of This For Some Reason.

I've noticed a change recently in what I do. It started
about 2 months ago. It was either before I started work,
or not long into that period, I don't remember fully. As I
say, it was a couple of months ago.

I was sat (with friends) on the stairs of the university
steps chatting. One of the girls was made can I
put it. (Ah, the Roget's again - no...nothing) She was,
facially, non-conservative. Bright blonde hair, bold
black? eyeshadow, full red lipstick and the amount of
whatever else you need to carry that off. She looked good
on it, but its not really my thing. Bit cartoon-y.

Anyway, she had the most tremendous black suede shoes on.
(See? I'm finding it tough now, I just changed windows) I
spent an age just staring at them. I've never really had
an interest in shoes before - I maintain that it wasn't a
foot thing (Now I think about it) because I find feet
really rank; first hand (boom boom) experience has
dictated that - but I've started to
really attractive.

It happened three times now in those two months. Or three
that come to mind, anyway. She was the first. I've seen
her twice since then and she's looked more attractive each
time - of course, the make-up has been played down, which
is a good thing - but I reckon it was the fact she went
for those shoes.

Then when I started work, there's a girl? woman? I don't
know. Mathematically she's a woman. (Isn't that a Smiths
song? No? It should be) But I would still call her a girl.
She's early twenties. 22....23 at most. I digress. She's
got a great butt - that's what I noticed first. But she's
got REALLY, REALLY great legs. They lend themselves (No,
this isn't my libido talking) to wearing...I know this. I
haven't read Heat for a while, but I know this... above-
the-knee pleated skirts (there's a name for them. I'm sure
of it). But she ALWAYS wears the most tremendous shoes.
Its that simple. I know she prefers more shoes to getting
really comfortable shoes, so maybe that's got something to
do with it, women willing to put themselves through it all
to make their shoes look good.

The other time was at the EMAs - if you saw them, you'll
know what I mean. Aguilera was hosting, and wore as many
outfits as I own. One of them was this...if she wasn't so hideous meshy thing. Looked a bit like an All
Hallow's outfit. Anyway, she wore it with these strappy
shiny red shoes that were just *Italian-esque kissing
fingers in the air motion*.

So there. I'm beginning...I can....I have in the past,
found shoes really sexy. Don't read anything into it, its
just a thing I've noticed.

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