Marco Jacksonovic

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2003-11-22 08:45:55 (UTC)

My Own Questionnaire. You Know The Drill

Yeah, its been going on for years now, people ask 'deep
and meaningful' questions and decide that you resent your
father and think your life is empty. Well, I thought I'd
save the 'deep and meaningful' part, and just keep it
to...well, not even resenting my father, but being a
bit...what's the word....I know, I bought a Roget's
Thesaurus, I can do this....minorly rankled I like.
Gramatically it sounds like a bear shat it in, but it
gives the point well. There you are. Anyway, I got bored,
didn't have anything to write. Here it is.

1. If you could take 3 people onto a desert island with
you who would they be?
Didier, Kurt and Jesus Christ, who has a walking on water
gift that could come in handy. Really handy. He's also the
son of God, and might be able to do a few other useful

2. Which would be the last animal on your ark, and which
would you leave behind?
Leave the wasp. Certainly. Let the unicorn sweat it out,
and then take it. "Not again! I'm the most majestic of all
the beasts! Does that count for nothing?"*Begins walking
away*"I have magical powers! He who drinks my blood will
live forever? No? Well, I get on well with the
wasp...."*Turns back*"Oh, who am I trying to kid? LET ME
ON! LET ME ON!"....maybe.

3. If you COULD be anywhere else but here today, where
would it be?
Home in Huddersfield.

4. What do you wish you had invented?
A really good chat-up line this morning.

5. And what do you wish hadn't been?
Gravity. Hatred.

6. If you could be any country which one would you be?
Portugal. There'd be things about me I hate, but the
Romans would largely leave me alone. I'd have few
victories on foreign soil, and there'd always be a giant
Spain on my Eastern side. Just like my life. Especially
the Spain. Well, OK. The first sentence is like me, the
next is strictly just Portugal.

7. If red is 7, what is blue?
Still a colour.

8. Which year of the 90s do you wish it was? Why?
1994. Anticipation is always more than the
climax/anticlimax. Things were just getting up in 94.

9. If you could only have 3 CDs to listen to forever....
Kind Of Blue, AFTP, Moon Safari.

10. Hell is....
a) Not having Reckoning in question 9.
b) Shattered dreams
c) The best of the three books in the Divine Comedy
d) Just around the corner.

11. Do you know the way to San José?
No, but I have friends there. They run the gas stations
that all the stars that never were pump for.

12. What is your street value?

13. Do you feel guilty?
A little, but I thought it said 'Detonade' and was a drink.

14. How much would you pay for a joke?
£8. More later.

15. If you lived in a fictional city....
Metropolis. Why not? I'd like to meet Batgirl, though. And
Charlie's Angels....and Buffy....yeah. OK, Sunnydale. But
then...oh, I dunno. How about Brigadoon. Or Castle Rock.
Or Bedford Falls. Yeah. That's it. Bedford Falls.

16. When do you stop completely?
At night, when the light is off, but the CD is still on.

17. Modern art. Art or fart?

18. Restaurants. Overpriced or just for the refined?
Overpriced, except the fish. "Do you have
reservations?" "Only about the veal"

19. Peace or life?

20. Solitude or perpetual busy-ness (No, I know)

WILT? Right now? Nothing, it finished. It was Find The
River, I think, last.