I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2003-11-22 04:06:18 (UTC)


It’s been weird for me. There are these three guys at work
who….well, one asked me out and keeps telling me how good
he is in bed, the other told me I was beautiful (at 6 am)
and then kissed my neck and the third keeps licking my
ear. And while I do appreciate the attention, it’s getting
out of hand. I’ve never had to deal with something like
this before. I’m not...something enough to tell them to
back off. I don’t like being mean. I also know what it’s
like to like someone and not have them feel the same.

It has recently gotten much more...intimate I suppose, and
I can’t just laugh it off anymore. I really don’t like
them touching me. It’s not groping as of yet, but touching
my arm, shoulder, ear, etc. And I’m beginning to get a bit
scared. The other day it was cool outside and I wore a
suede jacket. And one of them kept coming up to “feel”
(read, tight hug) the jacket.

I don’t want to have to censor my choice of clothing
because of how someone else will react to it. And after
what happened before....I am really not in a place that I
want to be. I do know what to do, but I’m so used to being
a doormat that it takes me a bit to become strong enough
to do that.

I’m still kinda scared though.