2003-11-22 03:58:51 (UTC)

just let her cry if the tears fall down like rain

last nite I tried to leave, she cried so much i just
could not believe she was the same girl i fell in love with
long ago...

ugghh. i did a bunch of stuf really fast and now im
exhausted and lonely and a little grumpy. i think im guna
turn off my phone before he gets out of work and take a
bath and go to bed.

it was nice to see ashley. and she had some really cute
pictures. the one in the shower is so great, i love it.
even though i got pretty mad, i ended up in an orange grove
that was pitch black and really scary and then i ended up
on a toll road. i was not happy.

i talked to dawn for a long time though. i guess amy the
girl from my middle school in sarasota got in a bad
accident and wont be able to walk for like 6 months or
something. thats insane. thats so scary.

ugh why does everything always seem like such a mess. im