Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
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2003-11-22 00:33:13 (UTC)

Yay. La Cucuracha!

Canon in D Major can be such a beautiful piece, but...

I hate time, it is such the bullying monster that can whip
you into a pulp, and you are powerless against it, unless
you can take care of the things as they arrive, and then
you would have all the free time in the world...... yeah,

Sleep, I am still sleepy...

I switch between watching The Two Towers, and Matrix
Reloaded... they both serve to pitch my mind into the

A house of cards, My life seems to be built upon one, and
it scares me to death...

Death, I had completely forgotten about Death. Like a good
Christ-follower, my death will only come as a transition
from one state into another. Jesus has already died for
us, so what shall I fear from Death?

Ugh, just remembered that I have to work