Euphoric Nothingness
2003-11-22 00:28:43 (UTC)

I Need a Deep Breath

Hello all. After another long period between entries, I
have returned to get some things out. The semester is
almost over. It has gone by so fast. I am feeling much
better than I did at this point last Spring, when I about
lost my mind.

So this paper about filling the Roman Colosseum is
insane. So much stuff to figure out. I have written 7 or
8 pages of the paper so far. I originally thought that it
was going to be around 20-23 pages. However, now I am
thinking in the 15-17 range. But I still need to make
this the most amazing paper I have ever done. It MUST be
nothing short of brilliant. I want to get into graduate
school too much to sell myself short on this.

My other 4 classes are going well. After getting C's on
my first Congress and Stat Quality Control tests, I
rebounded and got a 98 and 92, respectively, on the second
tests. Italian and Early British History look to be easy
A's but I can't slip up in them. Basically after a rocky
start, I have put things back together to manage a
feasable GPA.

The Library is still an interesting place. I don't know
if they're going to let me work over the break or not
yet. Of course, I was told this 2 days ago after all the
descent Christmas jobs are taken. So I could be in big
time trouble once January comes around. My mom says
she'll spot me though if I'm short because she knows I
could really use the rest. What a great mom! By far the
best ever!

Well I am not sure what is going down tonight. I don't
expect to do much. I have gotten 3 hours of sleep/night
for the last few nights due to the mammoth paper so I
think I am going to relax and rest. I promised my friend
Amy that I'd help her move if she needed it but nothing so
far. So, other than that, not much else to say right
now. So until next time........

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