The Game Of Who Needs Who The Worst
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2003-11-21 21:45:16 (UTC)

note to self

I am dedicating this entry to all those who think they can
understand everything from reading a few words that don't
say anything. This is bullshit. If you're going to read
my journal, don't jump to conclusions about it and blame
me for a bunch of shit you don't even know about.
Hm....maybe you should try talking to me?? Yeah sure
forget about me, find someone else, whatever. I have done
nothing to you and it's your choice whether to listen to
me or not. You think I'll always need you to pick me up
when he throws me away but it doesn't matter because I'm
not even getting involved with him. You don't even know
what's going on between him and me so you can't just
assume that because I'm talking to him we're getting back
together. I haven't told you I love you lately? Have you
thought of the fact that you've been pissing me off a lot
lately?? I don't just come to you because I need to feel
loved or whatever. I'm not using you for anything so fuck
you for all that bullshit. I know that away message shit
was about me even though every time I ask you about that
stuff you just deny it and say it's about someone else
then halfway through the conversation you turn it around
and hey look it IS about me. I'm coming home in a few
days and right now I don't even want to hear your voice
nevermind see you but I know that if I don't I'll be
kicking myself in the ass when I get back here. And why
is that? Is it because I need to feel loved by you? No,
it's because I care about you and am missing you so much.
But what is it that I'm missing? You giving me
bullshit? Oh no "she didn't even IM me" how sad...maybe
you should try waiting until I'm actually around to dish
out the accusations. Instead I have to wake up to a
thousand messages from you bitching about NOTHING. Fuck
you. You are so fucking stupid.

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