2003-11-21 03:21:19 (UTC)

when i am queen i will insist, with perfect scars upon my wrists...

that everything you once held dear is taken away from you..
.. i will not leave it up to fate because i hate you too.

i love this band. i got an a on my humanities paper=) he
liked my paper hehehe. im taking his renaissance and
baroque class next semester. im so in love with that guy.
even though hes like 60 and creepy.

and i cut even more of my hair off. i dont know if i like
it but it feels soft.

im so irritated today. im too tired to get into it but im
just crabby. crab apples in my underpants.

[9:59 PM]: what was it crabby apples
LaDiDaGrl [9:59 PM]: crab-apples in your underpants
LaDiDaGrl [9:59 PM]: i have em and my butts pink
[10:00 PM]: oooh thats goota suck crab apples on a red
LaDiDaGrl [10:00 PM]: its not red its pink
LaDiDaGrl [10:01 PM]: my hairs too short.
LaDiDaGrl [10:01 PM]: it needs to grow
[10:02 PM]: i think its beautiful
LaDiDaGrl [10:02 PM]: =) my ass or my hair
[10:03 PM]: hmmmm
[10:03 PM]: both

uggh my head hurts. i cant wait to be in indiana. i kinda
do wish we were flying, but the driving all night in the
mountains gives me a chance to think a lot. maybe i can
work some shit out and get a grip on myself. hopefully
i'll feel better there. and maybe it'll last a little bit
when i get back. im not taking any razors. i can just be

SCORPIO - Consider how you are growing into a totally new
person. The weeks ahead will bring amazing changes that you
couldn't even anticipate if you tried. That said, ordinary
events, like lunch with a friend, are best.

valencias website fucking sucks. and friday night traffic
fucking sucks. i dont mind it when im going to be there
for the weekend. and i wish i could be. but i really
cant, i have too much to do, and that also is irritating.

valencia called about another job today. i have an
interview tuesday. i dont even know why i set it up,
theres no way i could pull that off. but whatever. i dont
know. i dont know what im doing at all anymore.