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2003-11-21 00:20:51 (UTC)

The Weather Outside Is Frightful

Today there's been cold rain and wind and more rain and
great big gusts of wind and even some big, fat snowflakes
which melted as soon as they hit the ground.

It's pleasant to be inside where there's light and warmth,
where the cats are dozing and good things are baking in the

There have been lots of good things baking. I made little
loaves of pound cake for the bazaar, labeling, wrapping and
freezing them. I have four lemon poundcakes, four orange
and five cranberry/walnut. I made chocolate covered spoons
and wrapped them in bundles of six. I also made ten
individual ones, fancier ones these, with white chocolate
drizzled on top of the dark chocolate; five have red sugar
sprinkled on them and five have green sugar. I still have
strawberry, pumpkin and chocolate poundcakes to make as well
as a dozen plain ones for the Christmas baskets. Tomorrow,

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