Ramblings of a Mom
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2003-11-20 13:05:57 (UTC)

It's almost the weekend...

Well, it's almost the weekend, and I haven't been very good
at keeping up with my diary. I guess I haven't had much to
type about, lol.
Yesterday was kinda exciting, my son lost his second baby
tooth. The first one came out the night before he started
kindergarten. He lost this one as he was eating pizza last
night. Only problem was that when I checked his tooth
after he got off of the bus yesterday, I noticed that his
permanent tooth was coming in on the inside of his gums,
rather than directly under his baby tooth.
I have been a terrible parent and have never taken my son
to the dentist (even though he has never missed a doctor's
appointment). He is almost 6 years old! So, I called and
scheduled a dentist appointment for Monday. I also
scheduled an appointment for him to go to the doctor's
office for a flu shot/flumist and to check his
immunizations because his school is saying that he is
missing one shot. The flu is terrible in this area this
year, and I don't want to take a chance with him in public
school and the baby due around the corner.
I hate that he will be missing school for these
appointments, but we didn't have a choice or we wait
another month until he's out for the Christmas holidays. I
personally don't want to wait that long, his father does
not have very good teeth, and I'm hoping that Tyler will
have better luck than that.
He's excited today because his grandma (my Mom) and I are
going to his school to meet him for Thanksgiving lunch. I
have to be there at 11 am, and he has asked that I wear a
dress so that his friends will think that I "am
beautiful". I forget sometimes how much of a little man he
is and that he appreciates seeing Mommy in dresses and such
rather than jeans and shorts. He even gets excited if I am
in a flannel nightgown, to him it's a dress, and it's sooo
pretty! He makes me smile, just thinking of him. Well,
gotta run, will type more later!

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