The Other Diary
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2003-11-20 06:03:16 (UTC)

More journals

I think I totally screwed everything up. What a total
comeplete and utter bummer. This is going to be another
boring journal, please read read a long.

Its my birthday next Thursday. And it would seem its going
to suck. Not only am I definitely going to be working
because I desperately need the money, but I am also not
going to be having a party, sharing it with a loved one, or
getting anything bad ass. But mainly because I'm only 20
and thats a boring birthday.

Who knows how often I will update this journal. I have to
admit its much easier to write a lot of things in

I have to write a paper about migratory patterns of
mallards. And how it effects their breeding patterns and
such. My lab TA seems to think this is a very exciting
presentation topic. I need to make handouts and a
posterboard and everthing. I think I'm going to have to
pull out all the stops on this one because its worth a lot
of my grade. My presentation has to last 10 minutes. I'm
not sure I could enthusiastically talk about mallards for
ten minutes, but believe me I will try.

Today I had a presentation in my HPEX class, and then it
started to rain cats and antelopes as Croft says. So as I
was walking to my chemistry exam and when i say walking I
mean jogging I stood in a huge puddle and realize how thin
my nikes are. Damn old school nikes. So I run to my
chemistry exam and of course I'm late. I make as much noise
as humanly possible sitting down near someone who has a
calculator and I realize a calculator! I don't have a
calculator! Fabulous I have to calculate molar mass and
mass percents without a calculator. Isn't that awesome. So
I fumble my way through my chemistry exam, thrust it in my
TA's face and run out of that class room. I come back home
for an hour to "study" and end up eat goldfish and watching
a movie. I'm lame at last minute studying. So I drive to my
second exam of the day bio. Its raining once again so
everyone drives about 25 miles an hour on the interstate.
Why not take broad you say? Because they drive about 15
miles an hour on broad. So I make it to the parking deck
and sit in there trying to study. I study cried. I cried
and studied the way anitgens break down cancer cells. Or at
least how they try. I think I maybe learned one thing I
didn't already know, and I have already forgotten it. But
so I took the biology exam and that was hard as fuck. I
came home and had eggs. I hate eggs, they always seem like
such a good idea, and they always end up making me feel
like ass. After eggs I watched TV then took a bubble bath.
Sweet sweet bubble baths. I love bubble baths. Then more
sleeping pills and more watching tv. I actually caught
futurama today, it was another new one. Gotta love those
new futuramas. Bender got a sex change so he could win
medals in the olympics as a woman. Good stuff.

I just wrote a really long email to Brad that I probably
shouldn't have written. I wasn't going to send it because
it was really long, But I asked Alabama Scott if I should
and he said yes based purely upon the fact that it took so
long to write. Its probably the first email I've send to
Brad that wasn't first hand written. I like to write out
most everything I send because then I can edit it several
times. I'm a dork. But so I'm thinking it probably will
just really annoy him, which wasn't exactly what I wanted.
but I did write him a poem in it which I thought was rather
nice of me. Here I wrote some nonsensical stuff down the
other day and I shall write it in here too.

Sitting a top a stone wall
hearing the rattle of the train go by,
Surrounded by pink roses
Counting my loses and tallying the score
Of the Drugs I have so imposed upon myself.
Imagining you missing me
Imagining myself missing you.
Surrounded by roses
Surrounded by losses.
hearing the buzzing of the bees at work
Buzzing in the roses
Buzzing of my losses.

Its 1:07 and I have already take two nyquil and four
tylenol PM. I am starting to think my body likes being
awake and thinking about things that hurt. C'est la vie mon

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