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2003-11-20 04:33:43 (UTC)

Just What I Needed

The following is something Rick sent me a few weeks ago. I
thought you all should see what a great friend I have.

The topic of tonites email is my dear,dear friend
angeline..There are not to many people I can say that I can
100% trust in my life right now..and when it comes to
friends..christ..none.. but she has been there. Even when
most of my friends dropped me b.c. I was different when my
life c hanged forever..angeline stayed true to me..AND SHES
anyways..moving..Angeline is truely a reason that I can
keep going back to prison being a tough
place for me..when i feel as though i am on
display..angeline makes me have a reason for going..our
talks of fashion, ugly people, and heidi's many fallacies
keep me going back everyday w. a feeling like I can make it
through the day because she and adriene are by my side..I
love her truely, and though this year has brought many
tests, I am lucky, and cherish her friendship as one of my
greatest friends in life..anda person who memories I have
ingrained will last a lifetime...ok, now take of your
Lifetime shoes..put that tissue box away..the sobbing is
done (not mine..I cry over ugly people being made
think I could talk about this w.out tears!!!HA) but I love
angeline to death..and while not always the most religious
person on earth..our crossing paths was truely an angel in
my life sent from above..angeline..thank you.

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