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2003-11-20 02:22:41 (UTC)

Level On The Inside

Well, I would say it's been awhile since my last entry, but
it really hasn't. It feels like it tho. A lot has
happened. But not really. Just a lot of events involving
one person. Or wait, no, just one big event involving one

Ok so anyway. A couple weeks ago, or maybe a month or so,
I have no idea... anyway... I was at the muni, watching
Adam dance around like a fool... sitting next to this guy,
who suprisingly didn't initiate conversation with me (or
look at me even) when I first sat down, so I decided I'd
talk to him. I asked him his name and all, but he didn't
look too interested. I kept looking over at him... he
looked too confident to be single..I assumed he had a cute
little girlfriend...I kept thinking how it would be nice to
have a boyfriend like him. Granted, I didnt know him at
all, but I was just basing my opinion on the way he looked
and presented himself. He didn't really talk to me much,
so after a few mins, I got Adam and left.

Well, to make a long story short, he's my boyfriend now. I
can honestly say that I'm really happy now... For the first
time I'm not picking out flaws and driving myself to not
wanna go out with him anymore. It's crazy because I
usually do that. I just can't find anything I don't like
about him. Actually, thats a lie. There are things I
don't like about him... what I meant to say is that those
things dont bother me, and I don't even notice. He's
wonderful. Theres so much I could say about how I feel
about him, but I cant put it into words.

I love u:)

Title: Dovetail Joint

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