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2003-11-20 01:13:51 (UTC)

Christmas Planning

Last night I went to the church for the bazaar committee
meeting which was held an hour before choir practice was to
start. The bazaar is on December 5 and 6.

Naturally, Bob showed up for choir practice early (which was
cancelled because our music director couldn't come), walked
into the room where we were meeting and wanted to know what
we were doing. When informed we were planning for the
bazaar he deadpanned "Well, you look like a bizarre group to
me!" That's Bob!

Carol is in charge of the kitchen and she put a tentative
menu together and we worked on figuring out prices for
everything. On Friday evening we'll be serving a chili or
soup dinner with bread and a drink and we'll offer two
sizes--a cup of soup for $4 and a bowl for $5. The choices
will be chili, clam chowder, chicken noodle and minestrone.
I'm making the minestrone. We'll have coffee, tea, soda,
apple cider and hot cocoa at 75 cents each with free refills
on the coffee and tea and then desserts--pies, cakes, and
cookies. I'm scheduled to make seven pies--three peach, two
pumpkin and two custand/mincemeat. Desserts and drinks will
be available at all times on both days.

On Saturday we'll have a barbequed beef sandwich for the
adults which will include a drink and salad for $5 and a
kid's meal of a hot dog, chips and drink for $2.

We worked out who will get what--salads, dressings, bread,
meat, drinks, eating utensils and so on and also began
working on a kitchen duty schedule. Those of us with tables
will be placed near the kitchen so that way one can cover
two tables while the other helps out in the kitchen.
Because of health department restrictions I have to make the
minestrone and the pumpkin and custand/mincemeat pies at the
church so I'll be doing that the Thursday before.

Then we went on to talk about the Christmas baskets. I have
the fabric to make the napkins and I want to do that
hopefully this week. I'm also making cards out of
construction paper based on a card Jack made for his Sunday
School teacher about a dozen years ago. It has Baby
Jesus in the manger with a star overhead. Karen and I will
get the kids to write a short, simple message like
"Blessings" or "Peace" inside the cards during the sermon
December 7th. Oh, I forgot to ask Karen to bring a little
sandwich bag of hay because we'll want the kids to glue some
of that to the mangers. That's also the day we'll be
putting the baskets together after church so I need to bake
a dozen little pound cakes to include. I'm baking these for
the bazaar anyway. I have that scheduled for tomorrow. I
moved things around in the freezer so now I have an entire
empty shelf to work with. I want to make lemon, orange,
plain, strawberry and pumpkin. I also have making gift tags
and chocolate covered spoons on my to-do list for tomorrow.
Aimee suggested I sell individual spoons, perhaps with
crushed pepperment candy on them, for 50 cents each to have
available for kids who want to get little gifts for their
mom, grandma, teacher or aunt. I thought that was a nice
idea. She also gave me some ideas on prices for some of my
other items, prices which were higher than I had planned on.

Then, next week there's Thanksgiving which will probably be
fairly quiet. Oh, and I have to make cookies for the coffee
hour after the Thanksgiving service next Sunday.

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