taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2003-11-20 00:59:07 (UTC)

From the most quoted band.....

"Tension's up like fists in a fight.
You should've called me.
It would've meant something.
This is my mind on your recorder,
this is my soul that you're hearing.
I used to have my own songs.
If I don't mind, then this problem remains my own.
Thinking out loud just makes you turn away.
Your silence is cruching.
All I want. Animal.
Damn, we're fragile and wrong.
With all the things you know,
with what little grace you show.
Just "send a list of instructions to the factory
and when it returns we'll embrace it...
only if it's gold, only if it's gold"
It's sickening in stereo.
Your silence is crushing.
All I need. Animal."

- Osker "Animal"

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