Cosmic Rain
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2003-11-20 00:36:47 (UTC)


I just read back on some past entries and tis
like..Blergggg, did I really say all that crap...I know I
meant it back then and I wouldn't take back the things I
felt or said then, be it the good stuff or the sadly heart
broken stuff, but when I read it now, tis like was feeling some what sentimental and
thought I'd look...No need to do that again..

Last night saw the most amazing lightning storm. Just one
after the other of fork lightning. I wanted to pull off on
the side of the road and just watch. There's such beauty in
simple things. I want to surround myself in simple
beautiful things without any hassle or fuss..Nature
presents that so easily..People don't..

I was thinking about this diary. How much do I need it.
Seeing as I have a million others. I mean this was meant to
be my diary away from diary's where I wrote everything
down. I don't even do that. It's just as vaguely presented
as mostly all the rest. Well some of it has been deeper
than I'd go with any other of my writings and places.

I can't believe Jenny Sherwaffle got deleted. I guess she
was neglected and I hadn't updated in a little bit, but it
wasn't that bad. I didn't think anyway. I guess I will re-
open her when in the mood. When I have a new Jenny or
something, which of late nothing really has presented
itself. Well it might have, but I just haven't been
bothered. I been too busy actually. I have so much to do in
relation to the book I'm helping with and now that my
sister is actually going to write her own book I've been
helping there too. It's all about "BOOKS"..But it's very
exciting. Looking at a launch date now for Febuary and not
before Christmas. That just got tooooo much stress on it
and I need to be able to approach sponsors, who aren't too
rushed off their feet to ignore such a thing as a kids book
launch...And we all love free things. :)

Anyway, I need to move my arse and I don't want this place
feeling like it's getting spoilt with countless everyday
entries...Nope, not at all..