Nick's Journal
2003-11-20 00:21:52 (UTC)

The ecstacy of the hand hurts

so there i am as usual on a sorry ass hump day called
wednesday, meandering onto a bus, just hoping to go to my
next pre-ordained "termin" on my schedule of life. there
i am shivering to the god damned ac ridden bus all hunched
over in my seat, reading "atlas shrugged". that is my
fav. fiction book ever. as i'm sure you know my fav. non-
fiction is "hitler's willing executioners"....but i'm not
going to get into that here. see when i chose my seat the
bus was fucking full. i had the choice between some pimply
ass white guy or a quite good-looking blonde, guess where
i sat? amazingly enough i sat next to the blonde, i
believe only because i thought i could immerse myself in
my reading enough to not make a horrendous social
so there i am sitting reading my book when she looks over
at me girls if you are in any way
attractive and you glance at a guy in close proximity,
100% of the time he's sweatin' balls. so there i am
trying to focus on my sentence, when she brushes along my
hand to furtively ask what i am reading. you see, i have
been asked about "atlas shrugged" a lot, apparently it is
quite popular, but this was no simple question. i believe
my response was, "naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!", the
usual casual intercourse i provide if a somewhat non-ugly
girl approaches me. either way, i showed her the book and
we had a talk about capitalism (apparently she doesn't
like it, fucking commie.) but i couldn't help but be
enraptured by the completely frivolous reasons she gave
for her predisposition. she had read the book (twice!)
1,000 pages. and she told me she thought it was the most
beautiful book ever written.........what the fuck? how
can you even consider a topic you completely disagree with
as beautiful in a literary context?
i don't know. and i think that's why this girl is one
step closer to "absolute" intelligence than i am.
either way. i found out the abnormality of the touch of a

no matter if it hits to hurt, or carresses you to care,
it brings ecstacy.