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2003-11-20 00:18:57 (UTC)


I went to school today and Jessica didn't have much to
say, infact she had nothing to say. I got there talked to
Courtney, Robin, Morgan, Stephanie and Heather until
Ashley got there. When she got there I got up and we
walked around just chillin and stuff...we talked to Cody
and Zack. Stephanie lost my freakin papers...but It's all
good I saved it to my disk. 1st period went by kinda fast
we sat on the floor in the band hall I talked to Courtney
and Morgan some more, did my notes and wrote Ashley some
long repetive note about how much Courtney doesn't deserve
Jonathon. 2nd period was okay today I talked to Lacey and
Jon Rodriguez about my cousins(Amber Flores & Shawn
Flores). I did my U.s. History and left to go to Health
(3rd period) In there I talked to my cousin Gina, and I
talked to Matt. I went to BCIS 4th period...I hate that
class. In there I talked to Heather Hatch, Lauren K, and
J.B, bell rang and I went to lunch. I ate talked to Ashley
and Steph, went back to 4th period for about 35-40 minutes
and the bell rang to go to 5th period. I got on the bus
went to 5th period and did my work, I talked to Morgan,
Stephanie, and Courtney, Travis don't talk much
anymore...Im not sure why though. I went home after that
and saw Aaron. now I'm freakin bored and I'm fixen to go
take a shower.
3 always

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