2003-11-19 23:08:17 (UTC)

i love you like a fat kid love cake.

I'm so fucking tired, I only got 3 hours of sleep last
night, I couldnt fall asleep for anything. at least it was
nice day, it was yucky but I liked it. cold and rainy. and
we did crazy vinyl today. my tummy is pink from the tanning
bed hehe. and my butt.

im trying to decide if i wana go out and get drunk with
sebastien or if i just want to do a load of laundry and go
to sleep. they're both very tempting right now.

i have a lot to do before Tuesday but I have all weekend.
i dont know. im guna take a nap now and decide when i wake

well my nap turned into all night. i dont know whats wrong
with my sleep, where did my energy go. i HAVE to go to
psych tomorrow. im driving dickhead so that i dont give in
and go home after humanities.

i was thinking about what classes im guna take next
semester and i got mad all over again cus i was thinking
okay i need another humanities, statistics... oh fuck
english, cus i dropped it... UGH. im guna take 4 classes
next semester. and then i have 4 left which i can do in
summer and be done! but thats scary that means i'll be
ready for wherever im transferring in the fall and i need
to start thinking about that... but i dont even know
anymore what im doing, im so confused and its frustrating
cus i dont want to waste any money or time.. i dont know

im all sneezy and my asthma is starting to give me fits
with the cold air. im guna have to stop the menthol and
smoke lights. which is nice since i have half a carton.
ugh. im still fucking tired. i think im just guna go back
to sleep.