The Diary of Me
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2003-11-19 16:19:22 (UTC)

The sad truth

Ive membered the other proofs i have that prooves jennie
dunt listen n shit:

SHe strted going out with this girl Jade bc 1 friday nite
we all got pissed n i got into jennie, hana, steph,
jde.... n jennie got in2 sum ppl aswell n then a couple of
days after that she started goin out with jade n suddenly
became a lesbo bicoz of one drunk nite???? its impossible
to suddenly becum gay jus becoz u got into a girl wen u ws
drunk!!! i jmean i did, i dunt regret it but im not
lesbo...aaaaanyway, so she was goin out with her n kept
gon on bout how they loved each other n i sed to her that
shes messin with jades hed b goin out with her n it int
fair cuz jennie ISNT BI! well she dint listen 2 me t all
n then afta less than a month jade asked jennie 2 marry
her n wen i was tlkin 2 jen she sed that she werent gunna
say yes bc she though it was well dumb n JADE WAS SERIOUS
becoz jade is a lsebian n jde ctually loved jennie but
still, proposin 2 her aft a month is fukin pathetic!

anyway, so jade bought her anecklce insted of ring n tey
jus were together constantly (o nd jennie went up 2 jade
seconds l8r n sed yes to her proposal), i sed to jennie
tht she shudnt be acting all serious with this mrriage
thing cuz theyre only 14 n they cant expect to b together
until the law changes nd lets gay ppl marry! but she jus
mite as well hav told me 2fuk off cuz aft that she jus was
a bitch with me n with jade all the time n dint bother
thinkin bout me now she hd jade...
then they had "lesbian sex" ya know, licked ech other
out, fingered each other....etc
Now ya mite think that jennie MUST b a lesbo to wana do
that btu trust me she int. anyway

so within a month they "got engaged" "had sex" & were
probbly planning god knows wot else....

bladibladiblah...then things started to go wrong for
jenniue, jde decided she hated jennie n tht she dint wnna
go out with her n jennie was fine with it all believe it
or not n that ws that....
the reson y jen did it all was for fukin attention cuz she
tought it wud mke ppl notcie her more...which they did, n
she thought sum1 loved her so ...aRHG shes jus sos dumb!

she even disses lesbians round her family jus to stop them
ever suspectin wot hppend between her n jade!

theres more to it than thta but i cant b rsed cuz im
pissed of now...she came runnin bak 2 me in the end anyway.

Next, jennie strted smokin because she "thought it ws cool'
I asked her to stop bc if i cud giv up (which i did) she
cud but she just ignored me n kept havin fags behind ma
bak which pissed me off cuz she cud t least hv just told
me tht she dint wanna stop becoz i asked her to.
that was the same situation with tht fukin pervert tom cuz
i asked her to stop seein him n she sed but carried on
behind my bk n i found out yer fukin later n she dint
understand y i was fukin angry at her

If anyone actually understands me and agrees that i hav
the rite to b pissed off then ur probably thinkin why am i
still carryin on bein her best m8?

because i have no one else

thats the sad truth

and the thing is

jennie has no one else much as she dunt want
to admit it, its true

i aint using jennie bc theres a part of jennie ive seen
thats os fukin cool n thats the part i saw in her at first
and like her for,

but ive just had enough of her trying to constantly
impress other people and being such a...two faced bitch

jesus IM callin her a two faced bitch...

i think im the two faced bitch!

but at least i can admit it and try to do sumet about it

i dont deliberately go around bein 2-faced like sum ppl

i only reall bitch in ma diary

so there ya go...