Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2003-11-19 06:38:53 (UTC)

off to edmonton

yep, i am leaving on thursday, and
i ought to be there sometime around
2am or so. rick is letting me stay there
and i may end up having a job too.

my only quandry is if i am going to go
to penticton to see my grandpapa, i
mean, if i do go there, it could be, well
rather uncomfortable to say the least.
i dunno, maybe, whatever.

but, if i do go, i absolutely must see
the fernmiester, if i don't, she'll kill
me, more than likely, lol.

i promised her i would see her if i
headed out that way, and i will, no
doubt about that. i may even just
go see fern and not see my grandpere.


well, whatever, it's no biggie
i am going off to see the wizard...