pensive problematic

a thought in the mind of her
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2003-11-19 04:22:24 (UTC)

i should have known it was too good to be true

the feeling that i felt with you is indescribable.
you took me from my world to show me yours.
made me feel so totally new.
for one day, i think, it was only a day.
i didn't want to leave, i needed you with me
i knew that nite what it felt like to be loved.
to surrender my whole self to you with not even
a first thought, just a look in your eyes, so full of
exhilaration, i wanted nothing but you. i
didn't even care where i was or what we did, as long
as you were there, right by my side, holding me
grasping me. you didn't try to understand me,
you didn't want me or make me do anything
that wasn't me. you and i were perfect.
you planted a need for you in me.
so many things you did for me, protected me.
we were in a very elegant place, a hotel, i think.
you wore a tux, and i a gown, i believe.
we were in the dinner room when you captured me
running from one place to another, absorbing energy from
everyone using it against me, mesmerizing me, taking me,
it came later in the nite, your unique touch, lips
delicious and filled with sympathy, understanding, warmth,
passion, and pain.
you left the next morning, i don't know where
i was resentful. just a thought of where you could be and
with who, not revealing my notions when i asked your
closest friend if he'd heard from you, and no one had.
was i only it for one night? how many times had you put a
spell on others such as i?
when you returned, to see that spark you had, still
controlling your surroundings, your eyes, and that smile
it all came rushing back to me, your warmth, faultless,
wonderful, ideal, making everything okay again.
and all was destroyed, never to be touched again.
i saw you, still fresh in memory. so existent, i felt you.
you were mine & you knew it when i left, your shining sunk
to a low ember.
but a dream is just that, a delusion, a vision, a trance.
not reality, not truth.
No, you could never happen in my world...

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