Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2003-11-18 23:39:35 (UTC)

And A Thousand Miles Behind.

Today has been, well, a treat. I get my food & beer paid
for by 2 very nice (yes. But I already admitted they
bribed me) American ladies (one a parent of a friend,
one...I dunno...they walked the Irish marathon) and then
managed to offend them by saying I've never really wanted
to go to America. I think they misunderstood. I think they
thought I meant I WOULDN'T go - that is not the case. I'd
rather go to, say, Montevideo, Buenos Aires, the West get the idea

So that was a treat. My morning was spent largely being
annoyed by the post not bringing forth my book or DVD.
Still Crozier, I hate him no less now, says it will be
remedied sharpish. And it better had, or I'll remedy him
with something sharpish.

Tonight I spent listening to Doves and I've spent a lot of
time of late listening to Dylan - as I am now. I was going
to say something, but I forget now. Its 2.30. Really. Just
from listening to Doves and Dylan.

WILT? Dylan.