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2003-11-18 21:50:16 (UTC)

this feels weird

man, i know its been a really long time. and i feel bad,
truly i do. but ib.... just leaves no time for anything
else. well, thats not true. its the combination of ib and
work. its seriously stressing me out. but today was a good
day, i have relatively little homework and no work work, so
i guess its ok.

since im not sure when the last time i wrote was, i cant
really recap eveything thats been happening. we'll just go
over to highlights. first of all, i paid the $500 deposit
to melillo for italy. my first check! it had my name on it
and everything. it was a proud moment. haha of course then
melillo stuck it in his wallet like he was gonna spend it,
but it wasnt even made out to him so its not like he could
cash it. second, me and pam are so going to see josh
groban. on her birthday. cause see, it wasnt really fair
that we were gonna be in rome on my birthday, so i think
going to josh groban's concert in dc is an incredibly
awesome thing to do on your birthday. we were gonna go with
my sister and her friend, but.... the tickets went on sale
monday at 10:00, and my mom bought some from work. she did
it at 10:05, and even then she couldn't get 4 tickets
together! so she only got two, so its just gonna be me and
pam, so my moms gonna drive us up there and we might spend
the night at my grandparents house or something.

so what else. school sucks..... well most of the time. lots
and lots of work to do. we had our greek english projects
today, which i was stressing out about last night, but i
think it went ok.

well poop, i hafta go, ill finish later.

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