The Diary of Me
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2003-11-18 16:11:07 (UTC)


I've just bin thinkin....wot it wud b like 2 b
fearless...ppl say that ud go crazy or mad or sum et if u
dint hav fear cuz the most important thing for ppl in the
sas n shit is fear cuz it keeps ppl goin...but i dunno

im only thinkin that cuz steph lent me these books n theyr
called fearless n theyre about this girl called Gaia
(pronounced Guy-uh) and she was born without fear n shit.
i dunno theyre jus proper gud books, luk them up on amazon
or sumet n buy em cuz they rock. im n number 5 cuz theres
like 29, n stephs n 29 cuz shes bin readin em 4 bout a
year or sumet n jennie's startd readin em n shes on buk 1.
theyre really gd. the first 1 is basically about aloada
ppl gettin slashed n shit n the second 1s bout this lad
gettin kidnapped n the 3rd one bout sex...or mayb its the
other way around...the 4th 1 is bout a serial killer n the
fifth...i dunno yet but yeah...theres WELL loads more to
the story n they mite sound shit but theyre fukin well gud!


i wish...
i dint giv a shit bout anything

cuz itd b well gud, but first of all i ned confidence cuz
u need confidence to b able 2 feel like that n not giv a
shit n all...i understand wot i mean anyway

got d on my science practise mock gcse chemistry
got c- on my science practise mock gcse physics
got g on my re practise mock gcse

i cant b arsed 2 giv a shit but i have to! argh!!!!!!!!!

i held bak the urge to attack the keyboard then...
this computer fukin suks

its tooooooooooo slow

argh, this is well doin ma hed in:
wen ppl constantly go on about how there lives are so crap
or are over because they got dumped or this lad dunt like
em or woteva. it fukin sucks and is proper doin ma hed
in. ppl just get way to obssessed with guyz its fukin
pathetic cuz they suk anyway n jus fuk ur hed up so wots
the point?

bruce almighty!!!!!!!!!!!


argh sum spanish dude is tryin 2 talk 2 me on msn n i cant
b arsed

BUGGER OFF .....trying to think of an


oh yeah more complaints aBOUT jennie:

she NEVER listens to me whcih i no im sed b4 blah blah but
ive got examples now...she just reckons she knows wot she
dus is right n dunt even listen or take any of my advice
wen it usually ends up being right which pisses me of big
style n she still neva learns that she is afukin sill arse:

When i sed that getting so obsessed with a 45 ear old
pervert who just wanted to shag her is sick and
absolutely ...if i cud think of a word stupider than
stupid then yeah...well she dint listen 2 me at all wen i
sed that she just sed ooooh i love him ooooh blahblah hes
so nice to me....and then gess wot? turns out hes jus bin
dun 4 child pornography n DID jus wanna shag jennie bc the
police even told jennie that...yup the police got
involved...did she learn no, she STILL dusnt listen to me

o shit i just got so worked up writin that iv 4gotten wot
else she dunt listen 2 me about......DAMN...ill just
ummmmmmmmmmmmm remeber 1 day

well i probably wont cuz my memory is like a gold