Jessi Lynn

It's My Life
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2003-11-18 15:07:33 (UTC)


ok so yesterday was such a funny nite...i spent most of
the day sleepin cuz the nite b4 i had an anxiety attack
that someone was in my room..cuz i went to the bathroom
and left the door open and ppl have been goin in open
doors at nite to steal lets just say i didnt
sleep well...ok so then i slept ALL day...i cant believe i
did that either cuz i have soooo much work i have to ya then this girl jen from down the hall comes in
and asks if we kno someone wit the sn alfismybrother..cuz
he keeps imin her and she didnt kno who it i
being the brave one went on kellys sn and started talkin
to him...then i went upstairs to watch 7th heaven wit
chrissy and talked to him on chrissys sn..well we wound up
talking for like 2 and a half hours and i completely
convinced him that my name was alexis and i went to
shippensburg and that i wasnt out to figure out his name i
just wanted to talk lol...bigggg mistake cuz he finally
told me his name but then he was like oh im gonna be in
ship this weekend...cuz i kinda told him i live in an
apartment and he could stop by anytime..i didnt think hed
take up the offer...turns out he was who jenn thought he
was..her roomie and her are on bad terms and this kid is
friends with her roomie and was doin it to piss her now if he ever ims kelly or chrissy i gotta tell
him that we never heard of an Alexis and that hes psycho
lol..ohh what a nite...i cant wait for thanksgiving!! 9
days..8 til band practice!!!