polyester bride

The Blue of my Oblivion
2003-11-18 03:53:14 (UTC)


dammit. it's monday. i detest mondays.

i like saturdays. and trampolines. i had a new, fun
experience with trampolines this past saturday (man i am
some kinda dork...trampolines? well it makes for a good
inside joke, and that's fine with me)

i went to see Elf with alex and another. i was
completely toasted, so i laughed more than all of the
little kids in the theatre. plus, i made all of the
jokes nasty (why must i be a perv?) so i laughed twice as
much, making a few people yell at me to shutup. seriously,
it was hilarious. i haven't laughed that hard in a while.

a friend of mine ate his girlfriends ass in my TREEHOUSE!
my treehouse. my treehouse? my old treehosue. apparently
everyone knew about it. i have great memories from that
thing, like the time i tried to plant a skittle to see if a
skittle tree would grow. he ruined my childhood. we got his
ass back though, oh yes we did. we were at his house and we
watched mighty ducks two. it was the only thing on. with my
friend's little brother, which was awful. he's like six,
he has a crush on me...and 'him'. he was humping our legs,
and saying he was gay with many many boys. then he crawled
up next to me, put his chubby arm around me and said, "you
know, there's a place where good girls be bad". i don't
think i've ever run so fast in my entire life. i got up and
ran to the other couch. i wanted to cry. horrible horrible
things go on in that house. (later he told me i made his
penis feel funny...ahh)so we were outside, it's like...i
dunno... 8...and my friend is somewhere by his garage
playing basketball, alex and i are in the backyard laying
on atrampoline. i was looking for orion's belt (stars)cause
it kinda looks like a christmas tree and i'm easily amused
like that. he wasn't looking at the stars. he was looking
at me. i don't really remember the sequence of events, what
really happened.

all i remember was one second i was looking up, and the
next i was in the car on the way home. grinning.

now it's this widely known joke. trampolines.


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