would the world stop spinning
2003-11-18 02:32:46 (UTC)

well i guess i could update on..

well i guess i could update on myself
i don't live in middletown anymore..i moved to dayton.
my sister and i are living with a friend of ours,and in
febuary our friend is moving so we are going to try to take
over the house for ourselfs.
since i'm currently single and obviously not going to be
working out any of my past..and really don't wanna get into
another relationship,i'm getting to know some people..
there is a girl named ali who i've liked for a long time,i
think she's very attractive and she's got an amazing
personality...i talked to her on the phone for like 5 and
half hours last night. we are trying to get ourslef
together to be able to hang out,but i've spent the whole
weekend babysitting and she's this week we are
going to try to see each other,who knows.
my puppy is getting huge..she's 5months now and weighing
out at about 45-50 lbs.
in jan i'll be back in school,starting back out slowly.
i'll only be taking two classes...philosophy and a photo
i've asked my family to pitch in on a plain ticket for xmas
so i can go see nikki in england.
dont know what else to say...more later

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