~ * Love Conquers All * ~
2003-11-18 01:42:50 (UTC)

My Angel.....

Hey so last we left off I was w/ morgan well suprise
suprise im still w/ it seems like forever but
today it has been two months (thats it) O well at least
we're going somwhere... I'm still shocked that im going out
w/ him he is perfect in every little way He is like my
angel sent from heaven ...the only thing that worries me is
that he is so perfect other girls would prolly die for him
(Im one of them lol) and I never want him to leave me
espicially for somone else. I love him so much I want to be
w/ him forever it feels like I can be myself around him and
he loves me for who I am. It's like we have been together
forever he holds me in his arms kisses me when he wants
(which is alot!) I defintly wouldnt mind being w/ him the
rest of my life! I just hope that dosent freak him out when
I say that but I cant lie that is really how I feel. I'm so
in love it's like a tingle sensation through out my whole
body when we're together or when he tells me he loves me or
says somthing sweet I get chills up my spine like wow!
Morgan is my babe and no one can change that no one else in
the world makes me feel so special like morgan well except
jesse but he's my best guy friend and he makes me feel
Loved in a friend way (LOL)......well g2g ttyl

Morgan I love you w/ all my heart! too Jesse...LOL